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Mr. Ackles, please stop. x

“Jensen Ackles has transformed himself into an utterly bone-weary, helpless, despairing Dean Winchester, with death in his dead eyes. Particularly striking is the one scene in which Dean wipes a completely clean mirror off with his hand, as if he’s hoping that the darkness he sees in his face can simply be erased like that – but only seeing the same deathly expression again. It lasts no more than a minute, but that’s what’s called packing a punch.”

Review of ‘Meta Fiction’ from DenofGeek

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Season 9 - Dean worried about Cas

Jensen with a fan [April 17th 2014] (x)


Jensen with a fan [April 17th 2014] (x)

I am so proud and happy for Jensen right now, he’s rocking the Mark of Cain effects so far and the storyline still hasn’t fully kicked in. I’m scared for Dean but excited at what Jensen is bringing and he really deserves the attention being shown to his character. We get Dean’s POV a lot but it’s always him reacting to what others are going through and now DEAN is going through something that is making others react to him and show concern for him and I love it but what I want most out of this storyline is for Dean to somehow realise his own worth and what he means to others, no idea how they’re going to accomplish that after everything they’ve thrown at him lately to demean him but I trust there’s a point to that.

signed: Happy Dean fan