Life's a bowl of lemons


Alright Jensen, no need to rub it in (video/tw ee ts)



Don’t know who started it or why, but to me EVERY DAY is Jensen appreciation day but they are trying to get it trending (maybe since it has been one week since he joined twitter?)

Anyway if you tweet hashtag it so we can get it trending!

Jensen’s first week on twitter.

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This T-shirt is giving me a heart attack look at his arms 

I can’t handle Jensens twitter 

This man is a menace haha

I never thought Jensen would make a twitter account in a million years and in the remote chance he did I thought he’d use it solely for obligatory PR posts and perhaps live tweeting and here he is sharing his Saturday night shenanigans (possible drunk!?!?) with fans like a pro.

Then again if you’d told me he’d be rapping out to Vanilla Ice in front of a convention full of fans I wouldn’t have believed it either so apparently I know nothing lol.

Think we can all agree the man is full of fantastic surprises :D


Jensen in a tank top though.




saturday night tweeting with jensen ackles