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Ugh tummy teaser

Ugh tummy teaser

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Jensen Ackles for Harper’s BAZAAR China

Pics frome Jensen Chinese fanclub.

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jared and the fans trying to help jensen send his first tweet [x]

and then his face a few minutes later when he realizes the tweet didn’t go through


VanCon2014 J2 Panel (clip) - Jensen singing to Jared as he cools down

Please stop the Destiel Twitter campaign.

I’ve read about this idea being sent to fans inboxes to bombard Jensen with tweets and get to him through his friends and those on his follow list and I’m fuming.

You say you want him to speak properly about how he feels about Destiel?

He’s already told fans he sees Dean and Castiel as kindred spirits nothing more. He’s already said he doesn’t think its part of the show . How many ways do you want him to say that? Until he’s bullied into submission and changes his mind?

Where has bombarding the writers, producers and actors got you so far? We had less Dean and Castiel scenes than ever in S9 because things were getting out of hand.

The only thing fans have succeeded in day one of Jensen having twitter is for his wife to have to come to Jensen’s defence because a ‘fan’ opened a twitter account in their daughters name to attack him and she called it slander, meaning fans are wrong in what they’ve accused him of and she is right that slander it is a punishable offence, this could go too far, are any of you really prepared for the fallout?

I know majority of Destiel fans might not intend to call him homophobic and send hate over twitter but do you really think the act of rallying a group of fans together on a mission isn’t going to attract those fans who will go too far and make you all look like a bitter hate mob?

If you follow through with this all it will result in is Jensen closing his twitter, thousands of disappointed fans and create more bad blood about the Destiel fandom and not all Destiel fans want to be lumped in with a hate mob.

Jensen does not see Destiel as part of canon, the show is not going to make it canon and its not just Jensen standing in the way of that, he’s just become the scapegoat. Those in the wrong are the ones who baited you while knowing it wasn’t on the cards, Jensen told the truth.

Jensen values the Dean and Castiel relationship as brothers in arms and you know what? it was special enough as it was and now it’s been diluted to a shadow of what it used to be because fans pushed for it to be more. You might not like or agree with Jensen’s opinion but he has a right to have one and not be harassed to this extent over it. This has to stop before real damage is done all round.

Anonymous said: Destiel shippers have no right to slander Jensen homophobic & u're doing it largely because u're pissed he's not supporting your ship, same has happened to actors on other shows for same reasons. It is clear Jensen does not think a romantic relationship between Dean & Castiel belongs on the show & gets frustrated at fans pushing for it, that doesn't make him homophobic and u guys DO misinterpret stuff



I was waiting for that! 


It’s not slander because I’m talking about things that he actually has said and done, such as being very rude to a fan at a con because she asked a question regarding bisexual representation.

So no, I’m not criticizing him for “not supporting my ship”, I’m criticizing him for behaving like a homophobe and then trying to pass it off as being victimized. He’s a straight, white, wealthy actor. He’s not a victim here.

This is not about destiel. This is about behaving like a civilized human being and not acting like a child just because you’re “sick of bisexuality questions” or whatever his problem is. Like did you even read my posts about it?

I’m not even going to address the part about “us” “misinterpreting stuff” because you are not the subtext police.

Yes it is slander because it is FALSE and damaging to claim Jensen is homophobic and spread that around for people to take out of context when its clear to many his issue is only with Destiel and fans pushing for it to be made canon, that does not mean he’s not open to portraying a gay/bisexual man since he’s already played Eddie in Blonde, it means he doesn’t share your view that Dean is gay and doesn’t think turning Dean gay for Castiel would make sense for the show and he’s made this known but it keeps being brought up because some fans don’t accept his answer which of course will make him more and more frustrated towards those questions and shippers already had a bad rep for attacking writers and producers over twitter.

Things were already out of hand with fans feeling entitled and no the show did not help with feeding the subtext and everyone could have handled it better but I don’t think they did it to lead fans to think something was going to happen. Jensen did not act rudely towards that girl because she was bisexual which is the angle angry shippers like to push, he didn’t even know what was going on by look of things and the crowd booed when she said ‘subtext’ because that usually links to a Destiel question, it looked like he was mainly reacting to that, his bodyguard Clif even spoke to the girl after and said she was fine. The overreaction/hate/slander response it way OTT and uncalled for and extremely ‘uncivillized’. Just because he is a rich celebrity doesn’t make it OK to attack him or go after his family and friends or make twitter accounts attacking Jensen in his daughters name to get Danneel’s attention, we know Jensen gets upset when his wife gets hate, he isn’t devoid of feelings just because he’s rich & famous and nothing in his actions calls for this level of SLANDER and abuse, he’s still a person and those who encourage or engage in this behaviour are out of order and giving the rest of the Destiel fandom a bad name and it gets you nowhere, Dean and Cas barely have an onscreen friendship now and I did used to love their bond.

His wife even called it SLANDER on twitter, she knows Jensen better than fans ever will so she knows the accusations to be FALSE.